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How does it work?

Is virtual reality just for video gamers?

The experiences we offer at DreamAway are diverse and varied. They are accessible for all age groups ( 9 to 77 years old ;) ) !
It's really easy to get the hang of, and our hall manager will guide you.

Can I book over the phone?

Bookings are made essentially on our website, but by all means call us if you need extra information or have a specific requirement (private booking, team building session, stag / hen party, etc...) !

Can my children have a go at virtual reality?

Your children can certainly try virtual reality out, from the age of 9.
The minimum required age depends on the experience you select, and is specified in the description.
Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Could we have the whole place to ourselves?

Our halls are perfect for private events, in particular for the likes of team building workshops, works nights out, stag / hen parties, birthday or other special occasions!
The halls were designed to accommodate groups of 30 to 50!
We can also envisage a cocktail to complete your events.

Can I keep my glasses on during the session?

The equipment we provide is absolutely fine for those who wear normal-sized glasses.
We do recommend using contact lenses whenever possible, however.

Should certain people avoid virtual reality?

For safety reasons, we would advise pregnant women, people who suffer from epilepsy or a heart condition to be particularly prudent.

Can virtual reality make people nauseous?

This phenomenon is knows as "motion sickness" and it can be felt in low-quality virtual reality experiences. It is caused when the brain registers a difference between the signals it receives from the eyes and from the rest of the body, especially during movement. DreamAway only offers high quality virtual experiences which, with very rare exceptions, do not cause participants to suffer from "motion sickness".

Can I give a virtual reality experience as a gift voucher?

Absolutely, you can give a gift voucher to the person of your choice. Just click on the booking button and select 'Give a gift voucher'.
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