Versailles VR: The Palace is Yours

With "Versailles VR : The Palace is Yours", you will discover the Castle as it is today. Move through a succession of the King's and Queen's Apartments, The Royal Chapel, the Royal Opera, the Hall of Mirrors… you can wander freely around the Castle. On your own, with no 'not beyond this point' signs,at night or by day, with or without the lights on to admire the ceilings. You will encounter more than 150 works, commented by the museum's scientific teams. As well as total immersion and great freedom of movement, "Versailles VR: you're the King of the Castle" opens the doors to places that aren't accessible on the standard tour, such as the Royal Chapel, which can only be seen on guided tours. Here, you can even be on the stage! Or pull back the curtains on the four-poster bed in the King's chamber. Try the experience and see for yourself the possibilities that this immersive and interactive experience offers.

From 1 to 10 simultaneous visitors
non recommandé
aux moins de 9 ans
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